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Nebula on UI EdgeRouter

Nebula is a cool mesh VPN/SDWAN(ish) project that spawned out of Slack. It’s a VPN in the sense that it connects multiple hosts across the internet (or other networks), but not in the traditional client-server sense. Instead, it’s a self-contained binary that does peer-to-peer networking (securely) across multiple devices.

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Dishy V3 – Teardown

When I got the V2 user terminal (“Dishy”), I was lucky in that a few folks had already torn them apart: Ken Keiter went deep with a destructive teardown that shed a lot of light on the internals, and MikeOnSpace took a slightly less destructive (yet still power-tool driven) approach.

I couldn’t resist the opportunity to dig in a bit myself, and started collaborating with Lennert Wouters on the disassembly and EMMC dumping. Lennert went much further – eventually posting an awesome writeup on what he found.

So, having had a peek into V2, I was anxious to see what changed on V3. Were they using the same components – SoC, antenna setup, motors, etc? Or had the whole design changed with the updated form factor?

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